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Volumetric Infusion Pumps

The Plenum's IMAC304DR Infusion Pumps Volumetric which includes volumetric pump is designed to infuse the drug into the vascular system of humans. Each machine is accomplished with microprocessor control of flow rate, volume, timing and activates alarm automatically if the infusion rate cannot be maintained or the solution runs out- all provided by a motor - driven peristaltic mechanism.

The IMAC304DR is an integrated Linear Peristaltic Infusion System comprising a computerized infusion pump and a drop sensor. The system utilizes a microprocessor to retain correct infusion rates and activate alarm when fluid flow varies from the set rate. The pumps contain a pump assembly, which holds the IV administration tube and infuses fluid to the patient at set rate. If the actual drop rate differs from the set rate by more than 2%, the pump stops infusion.

The pump monitors the drop rate through a drop sensor placed below the solution container i.e. on the drip chamber. During infusion, drops passed the sensor, which emits a low power beam to detect the drop. The sensor continuously relays this information to the pump. If the number of drops deviates above or below the set infusion rate, the pump activates the appropriate audio –visual alarm, such as HI-FLOW or LOW-FLOW and stops infusion.

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