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Syringe Infusion Pump ZION PLUS

The Plenum's Syringe Pump Zion Plus is designed to infuse the drug into the vascular system of humans. Each machine is accomplished with microprocessor control of flow rate & volume, activates alarm automatically if the infusiIf the actual Syringe rate differs from the set rate by more than 1%, the pump stops infusion.on rate cannot be maintained or the solution runs out- all provided by a motor - driven mechanism. The Zion Plus is an integrated Syringe Micro Infusion System comprising a computerized infusion pump with various sensors. The system utilizes a microprocessor to retain correct infusion rates and activate alarm when fluid flow varies from the set rate. The pumps contain a pump assembly, which holds the syringe and infuses fluid to the patient at set rate.

Key Features :

  • Front loading of syringe
  • Data Log Event : 500 data log events in real time
  • Dynamic Pressure System (DPS)
  • Auto detection of syringe
  • Works with standard and widely used brands of syringe
    • Example Dispovan, BD Precise, Plastipak, BBRAUN Perfusor, Romson etc.
    • Option to add customized and store brands up to 20 nos.
  • Syringe Cupacity : 5 to 60 ml
  • Flow rate range : Up to 2000 ml/hr.
  • Drug Library : 64 Drugs (User editable)
  • Various mode of infusion
    • Rate Mode
    • Volume Target Mode
    • Volume Time Mode
    • Body weight Mode (Anesthesia Mode)
  • Various mode of occlusion
    • 3 level factory pre-set
    • 3 level user selectable
    • 9 step selection
    • 18 step selection
  • Does units
    • mcg, mcg/min, mcg/hr, mcg/kg/min, mcg/kg/hr
    • mg, mg/min, mg/hr, mg/kg/min and mg/kg/hr
  • User selectable bolus volume and bolus rate
  • Anti bolus facility
  • Anti Siphon facility
  • Purge facility
  • Pause function
  • Graphics LCD display
  • Long rechargeable battery backup
  • Keypad locking (user settable)
  • Optional features
    • Stacking facility up to 3 pumps
    • Multi angle pole clamp
  • CE certified


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