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Automatic downloads to save time

No more faxing reports or chasing down Data Cards. Patient data is downloaded automatically through a wireless modem or uploaded from an Encore Data Card to the EncoreAnywhere system.

Real-time data access reduces delays

The wireless modem enables real-time access to patient data. It stores patient data and downloads automatically to EncoreAnywhere based on a preset call program.

Take Ten marketing program simplifies selling to referrals

In just ten minutes, your sales team can demonstrate the benefits of EncoreAnywhere to your referral sources with our new Take Ten marketing program.

My Day page for quick overview

The My Day page automatically identifies problem patients, based on deviations from parameters set by the care team, and their specific issues. Simple icons help you quickly identify what needs to be done.

Patient Summary page for overview of one patient

See all your patient information and therapy status at a glance on the Patient Summary page. Patient compliance is shown in a color-coded chart so you can quickly spot therapy gaps. Prescription info, therapy data, history and other information is organized under easy click tabs.

Prescriptions page for fast and easy changes

On the Prescriptions page, prescriptions can be viewed and changed. The change will be downloaded automatically to the device through the wireless modem within a preset time frame or sent via an Encore Data Card.

Therapy Data page to easily track therapy

A color-coded chart of therapy data can be easily viewed on the Therapy Data page. Daily details are easily accessed as well. Reports can be generated for a specific time period.

Notes page to easily share notes

Notes and alerts to other caregivers can be recorded on the Notes page. This enables improved communication and collaborative patient care among providers, physicians and sleep testing facilities.

Convenient patient tools to improve patient services

Patients appreciate the automatic downloads and quicker prescription changes. These convenient patient tools support you in improving your patient services.

Quick training for referrals

Help your referrals quickly learn to use the EncoreAnywhere system. The Take Ten setup packet gives you all the tools you need to provide fast training support.

EncoreAnywhere : Specifications
Operating System
Windows : 7 or Later
Internet Browser
Internet Explorer : 9 or Later
Mozilla Firefox : 10 or Later
Internet Browser Plug in
Microsoft Silverlight : 4 or Later
Reader : 11 or Later


Brochure: EncoreAnywhere Customer Training Flyer

Brochure: EncoreAnywhere Brochure

Brochure: System One EncoreAnywhere Modem Information Sheet

Brochure: BiPAP autoSV Advanced-System One

User manuals: EncoreAnywhere Data Card Server FAQs

User manuals: EncoreAnywhere Modem FAQs


Brochure: EncoreAnywhere Modem FAQs
Brochure: EncoreAnywhere Data Card Server FAQs
Brochure: BiPAP autoSV Advanced-System One
Brochure: System One EncoreAnywhere Modem Information Sheet
Brochure: EncoreAnywhere Brochure
Brochure: EncoreAnywhere Customer Training Flyer

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