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Video Processor EPK‑i7000

The new Pentax Medical flagship model has been developed on the basis of our customers’ needs. Take a closer look at the features and find out how the EPK-i7000 improves endoscopists’ daily working routine.


Detect & Define

Endoscopists declare:

“Our objective is to detect lesions as early as possible. Above all this requires bright and clear imaging.”

So we had a fixed goal:


To provide extraordinary images and excellent illumination.

By improving the state-of-the-art image quality and the illumination of our well known HD+, the new EPK‑i7000 creates bright and vivid images with optimum contrast, and excellent illumination.

To expand the possibility of optical diagnosis.

The EPK-i7000 offers “full i-scan management”. The new PENTAX Medical video processor guarantees the solid basis of the i-scan Surface Enhancement and Tone Enhancement to support the detection and demarcation and it offers the opportunity to individually master the well-known functions and to contribute to a complete pattern characterization.

Full i-scan management means that both i-scan Surface Enhancement and i-scan Tone Enhancement can be controlled and tailored precisely to the physician’s requirements, in order to be able to master all endoscopic challenges.


Teach & Assess

Our customers ask for features which help to assess lesions,
thus we developed a solution that satisfies two needs at the same time:


Twin mode: State-of-the-art Endoscopy side by side

State-of-the art HD+ now simply comes together with i-scan images in a unique combination to support detection and characterization of lesions at the same time.

The Twin Mode allows a simultaneous view of side by side endoscopic images during the entire examination to facilitate the assessment of detected lesions by direct evaluation of different i-scan modes.

Teach your fellow physicians to make the difference.

Among tutors, the new Twin Mode is highly appreciated as an educational tool for “building the bridge” between HD+ white light images and i-scan findings. The simultaneous comparison of enhanced clinical images is useful to teach your fellow physicians the appropriate characterization of lesions.


Collect & Share

According to physicians, a possibility to share clinical findings at state-of-the-art quality would be of true value.
We firmly agree, and we have the solution:


The new EPK-i7000 processor with integrated HD+ video recording.

The integrated HD+ video recorder allows to collect relevant clinical findings quickly and easily – at the touch of a button. And what you see is exactly what you get: the recorded video images are of the same HD+ quality as experienced in the endoscopy room.

These state-of-the-art endoscopic videos will make it even more valuable for physicians to share experience within their network.

Clear and sharp still images to support scientific data.

The improved freeze scan feature of the EPK-i7000 contributes to catch the important moment of an examination, when high quality still images are needed. It automatically selects the best image out of the relevant frames at the time of the freeze.

With high definition videos, images and voice recorded at the same time, the new video processor provides collection and sharing of relevant medical findings at its best.


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