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Diagnostic workstation solutions.

Easy Operation

The iFlexNet Diagnostic Workstation has been designed in association with radiologists and is aimed specifically at improving the efficiency of radiologist workflow. The iFlexNet Diagnostic Workstation can be used as a standalone station for local connection to modalities or can be part of an enterprise wide PACS network.

Image and Display Features

One hand mouse operation for common manipulation tools: Window/Level
Double-click any image to display one-up
Image processing presets with keypad shortcuts by modal-ity
Zoom to 1x (acquisition pixel = display pixel)
Zoom to fit window
Interactive region of interest with zoom, magnification and window/level
Rotation and flip
Timeline for prior
Multi Study Viewing
Multi Monitor Support
Support Medical Grade Monitor
Hanging protocol for Mammography Images

Cine tool with speed control, as well as support for cine of multiple linked series simultaneously
Adjustable CINE frames per second
AVI save
Independent series controls
Pause and reverse play
Fast image stack scrolling via mouse control
Keyboard or mouse driven image series navigation
Configurable series and image layout
synchronized stack navigation
Crosshair 3D navigation with support for CT, MR and PT modalities
Relative window level operations may be linked between series or images in the same study to reduce the number of clicks during read-ing
Cross-sectional reference lines
Monitor calibration for true size display

Annotations and measurements

Line length and line ratio ruler
Curved line measurement, Free text, Arrows
Density Values (Hounsfield Unit, Optical Density or Pixel Value depending on image type)
Elliptical, rectangular and freehand
ROI with calculated area, perimeter as well as mean and standard deviation of density
Label palette for spine labeling
Annotation save
Spine labeling feature that allows users to easily label ver-tebral and intervertebral levels within CT and MR.


Windows and DICOM printing with color support and true size options
Print composer with WYSIWYG function provides drag and drop images, as well as the ability to include mixed modal-ities in a single layout
Users can choose a different viewing protocol from a pull-down list
Users can move forward or backward through protocol steps
Each protocol step defines:
Whether to display the current study only or with compar-ison(s)
Reading protocol steps can be reordered or deleted
MG (mammography) images are grouped at the image level as opposed to the series level due to specific MG workflow requirements
MG stack-match protocols allow the user to display mixed sets of images from different MG series and comparison studies in one viewport
Match is specific to the monitor count defined in the read-ing protocol
For series matching, near match will choose a reading pro-tocol that is close to an existing RP if series or image names (MG case) are not an exact match to an existing reading protocol
Flexible and customizable viewing formats
Fully featured archiving capability that allows archiving of multiple patients at the same time.
Studies can be transferred to any DICOM-enabled machine for either storage, printing or CD/DVD publishing
Customizable modality specific overlays for pa-tient, study and image

Advance Visualization

Visualization: MIP/AIP/MPR/3D
Slabbing and VOI
3D volume rendering
Automated vessel extraction
Volume reduction (sculpting, automatic bone removal, Rib removal)
Reformatted image & series export
Fully customizable User Interface
Bone removal (single click)
Various layouts: horizontal/vertical/portrait & full-screen
Measurements: distance, angles, ROIs etc
Centerline mode (manual)
Export capabilities: single image and refor-matted series

Vessel Analysis (Optional)

One-click Vessel Segmentation
Quickly focus on the aorta and its side branches by getting rid of the surrounding structures and tissue with just one click.
Automatic Lumen Center Line Detection
3mensio Vascular™ will automatically detect the centre lumen line. You can view the centre line in 3 cross sec-tions and manually adjust it.
Stretched Views
This view presents the centre lumen line as a straight line, allowing you to easily and precisely perform length and volume measurements. Furthermore, the stretched view provides one overview of diameters, calcifications and tortuosity.
Diameter & Length measurements Simply select a stent order sheet and fill in all necessary measurements, such as perpendicular vessel diameters, lengths and angulations of the aneurysm neck.
Assess the Anatomy
> Inspect calcifications
> Determine the optimal C-arm position with the Angio View