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Suction Machine

Suction Machine

Home Suction Therapy

Your doctor has ordered a suction machine to physically remove secretions from the mouth and throat. This will alow a person to breathe, eat and talk more comfortably.

You will need the following supplies to suction a patient:

  • Suction machine
  • Connecting tubing
  • Collection bottle
  • Suction catheter (Yankaur)
  • Container of water

Treatment procedure:


  • Place the suction machine on a sturdy surface that will support its weight. Plug the cord from the compressor into a properly grounded (three prong) electrical outlet.
  • Before treatment, wash your hands with soap and water and dry completely.
  • Connect the tubing to the outlet port on the lid of the collection bottle.
  • Attach the suction catheter (Yankaur) to the other end of the connecting tubing.
  • Turn on the suction machine and check for negative pressure. To do this kink the connecting tubing with the machine running and note the reading on the gauge. The correct setting should be (3) for adults (2) for children and (1) for infants. Adjust the pressure by turning the adjustment knob on the suction machine.
  • Insert the suction catheter into the mouth advancing slowly to the back. If patient starts to caugh or gag wait until the patient recovers before continuing.NEVER SUCTION FOR LONGER THAN 15 SECONDS.
  • After suctioning the patient, suction water through the suction catheter until the catheter and tubing are clear. NEVER ALLOW THE SUCTION CONTAINER BOTTLE TO RISE ABOVE THE FILL LIMIT LINE.
  • Turn machine off and wash your hands.

Care of suction machine


    Cleaning and disinfecting your equipment is simple, yet very important. Proper care prevents infection. Cleaning should be done in a dust and smoke free area away from open windows.

    Following are instructions for cleaning your equipment:

  • Wash your hands and put on disposable gloves
  • Remove the tubing from the port on the collection bottle.
  • Remove the collection bottle from the suction machine and remove the lid from the collection bottle
  • Wash the collection bottle, bottle lid, connection tubing and suction catheter in a solution of liquid detergent and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and place back into suction machine letting it air dry.
  • Your equipment must be disinfected every third day using either a vinegar/water solution or a disinfectant solution that Medox Healthcare suggests.Soak for a minimum of 30 minutes then rinse and let air dry.

General care:


  • Keep suction machine clean by wiping it with a clean, damp cloth as needed.
  • Do not put the suction machine on the floor either for treatments or for storage.
  • Check the suction machine's filter as directed. Replace or clean according to the directions from Medox Healthcare.
  • Always have an extra collection bottle, connecting tubing and suction catheter in case you need it.
  • All supplies for your suction machine can be obtained through Medox Healthcare.
  • For more complete instructions on equipment cleaning and care, refer to your care guide or follow the instructions provided by Medox Healthcare.

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